Occupational Safety Training Classes by HAZWOPER Experts

Safety Helpers L.L.C. in Denver, CO provides occupational safety training programs to various companies. Ours is a team of Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) experts who conduct training on the following:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Transportation
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Varied OSHA Standard Module Topics

Customized Standard Lessons

Our seminars include a customized lesson plan with interactive video training and blended learning. All of our course materials follow OSHA, DOT, and EPA RCRA standards.

On-Site Sessions Available

Our team of OSHA-authorized professionals serves clients nationwide! We can schedule instructor-led safety training seminars at your site.


Very good class with very knowledgeable instructor. I have been doing similar courses for more than 20 years and this is as good or better than most of those I have taken.

I did not know the following at the start of this course:

  1. An 11 foot fall = 50/50 fatality. I thought it was 20 feet.
  2. Rules for attending a truck with explosives.
  3. The formal assembly for a site safety plan.

Thank You.

I think this class was excellent. I enjoyed the hands-on activities that broke up the lecture presentation. It made it easier to listen all day. The last day’s activities were very important In helping me put it all together in my mind. Without that I would still not feel like I could put together a response/ decontamination if needed.

I will definitely recommend that our company keep using this course.

Thank you.” 

Instructor was very knowledgeable of topics and materials. He explained things thoroughly and did mock drills, which helped understand better the importance of this class.

Conclusion: It is a great, informative and fun class to take with this instructor. I thought the class was great. Teaching style made it fun to learn by getting to know one another and by telling stories of experiences. Teacher had a lot of knowledge over the topics, was very enjoyable.

Thank you.” 

Thought the class was great. A lot of great info that I will incorporate at work as well as home. Instructor great at keeping us involved and participating. Overall great experience.”

- Brent

Very interesting. Some things I did not know anything about! There’s a lot to know and still a lot to use! Will help to work better at work & on the farm.”

- Jason

I liked this class. I have learned a lot of things we are not doing in our plant. This will help our employees stay safe and are environment.


- Jon

The class was well organized and Andy did a great job keeping the class engaged. He was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the training and gave real life examples of how his training and past experiences helped him throughout his career. I would recommend this class.

The class was very informative. Covered more OSHA information than I expected. I liked the 50 min teaching / 10 min break. Teaching was very clear & practical. Not just regs. The class was a good experience for me. The safety training was thorough. I learned correct decon procedures as well as how to be safe around hazardous material. I liked the hands on exercises and wish there had been more. I liked the break format. It kept us refreshed. Some of the regulations were slightly monotonous, but were necessary to understand the concepts. I thought the class was very informative and I was able to relate a lot of the contents of the class to the workplace & home environment. There are several questions that have been answered about the safety of the environment I work around. I really liked the concept of a person’s core values & how it can affect the safety of everyone around you.” 

- Rob

I work for the USDOT so safety is very important in my professional and personal life. I love to companies like this making a difference by creating jobs in this economy and making the areas we live and work in even safer. Greetings and thanks from Washington, DC.”

- Tia F.

Meet Andy Knebel, Owner and Head Instructor of Safety Helpers L.L.C.

Andy Knebel is an authorized instructor of OSHA’s 10- and 30-Hour General Industry Training courses. After finishing his studies at Southern Illinois University as a Math major under a teacher’s scholarship, he began working at an oil additive plant in 1973.

In 1977, while on strike, he answered a newspaper ad about a similar job at a plant that made bulk pharmaceutical medicines in Boulder, CO. The company needed a safety program, and Andy took on the job when he was given the opportunity to develop it as he believed it needed to be.


Andy’s exposure in the safety industry happened years before the OSHA, DOT, and EPA developed training requirements for professionals who address hazardous material spills. Only in 1986 was the HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) finalized, after the Bhopal disaster happened.

When Andy saw that the training he had been conducting for years meets the very specific HAZWOPER training requirements, he continued working in the environmental, health, and safety field, until he left the company in 1997. Following this, he started a business renting out camper vans and motor homes.

His business shuts down every winter, so he continued to be involved in the safety industry as a consultant. He would occasionally be hired to do worksite audits focused on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)’s Life Safety Codes and conduct OSHA-required training for insurance companies and manufacturing plants.

In 2010, Andy helped establish Safety Helpers, L.L.C, where he is currently Head Safety Instructor. He presently conducts the HAZWOPER and DOT HAZMAT Training and helps thousands of students across the country.